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EFA Current Year Sponsor's

The project has many other sponsors who do not wish to disclose their identity and wish to be 'Silent Sponsors'

  • Shri B.K. Birla

    Born on 4th February, 1921, Shri B.K Birla is the youngest son of late Syt. G.D.Birla. Married to Sarala Biyani on 30th April, 1942, Mr. Birla had one son- late Syt. Aditya Vikram Birla – and two daughters Smt. Jayshree Mohta and Smt. Manjushree Khaitan. For the last seven and a half decades he is heading a conglomerate of industries and educational institutions.

  • Mr. Chatter Singh Baid

    A self made man, Mr. Baid started his career in his early twenties and forayed into export of fabrics. A visionary and disciplinarian, Mr. Baid started promoting buildings and financial projects. Now under his guidance, the Group has substantial interest in telecommunication, infrastructure, real estate, garments, packaging, etc. Mr. Baid is actively involved with all the leading societies like JST Mahasabha, Marwari Releif Society, Churu Nagrik Parishad, etc. and also does a lot of social service like promoting education amongst poor, donating in flood prone areas etc. He is also the Ex President of COTTI and current Trustee of COTTI Trust, and is the Chairman of COTTI’s Golden Jubilee Celebration Board.

  • Mr. C.K Basu

    Born in March 1941, Mr. Chandan Kr. Basu was educated at St. Xavier’s and Presidency College Calcutta. After completing his Diploma in Foreign Trade from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, he went to Germany on a scholarship in 1968. In 1975, Mr. Basu was selected as a member of a group of Senior Indian Export Executives by I.L.O which is a part of the UN Organization. In 1976, he founded New Horizons Limited together with two associates. Since then he has been the Managing Director of New Horizons until March, 2010.

  • Mr. Gopal Poddar

    Mr. Gopal Poddar was born on 6th April, 1951.He had a vision and he wanted to grow and the entrepreneur in him yearned to succeed. After graduating from Calcutta University, Mr. Poddar studied Law at University Law College of Calcutta. He also completed his Masters in Commerce from the Calcutta University along with his L.L.B. He started his career in the Tea business in 1977. Today this Group (Limtex Group) of Rs.550 crores is in Tea, Cookies and IT.

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Key Sponsors

Shree Cement Ltd is a leading name in the cement industry, with its works located in Rajasthan and Corporate headquarters in Kolkata. With social responsibilty as one of its core values, Shree Cement Ltd. has also contributed generously to rural development, disaster relief and healthcare projects.

Prabha Khaitan Foundation is dedicated to the social,cultural and educational advancement of the society. The Kolkata based NGO runs humanitarian projects across the country which includes Women’s Training Centres, Child Literacy Programmes and Aid Drives. It organises panel discussions and interactive sessions with prominent personalities from various fields to spread awareness and information about a wide range of subjects.

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